Fresh Faces!!

I choose Oil of Olay for my facial cleansing needs. The product does not seem harsh to my skin and leaves me with an open pore, clean feeling. I used to use Oil of Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser. Then I realized, it wasn't as much of a cleanser as it was an agent working against an aged skin look.

Since I didn't have many lines or signs of aging on my face, I went on the hunt for an Oil of Olay astringent Cleanser (something that would open my pores) and began to use, Oil of Olay's Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin.

It has only been a week and I notice the difference in my skin already!!! I am LOVING Oil of Olay products as a whole, for face. And maybe you should try it to? Link to Oil of Olay Product line. What face cleanser do you use?


  1. I currently use Alba face cleansing products. It is a hawaiian botanical line with pinapple enzymes that is gentle and refreshing. I follow up with Alba's toner and moisturizer. Although these products offer great results, they're somewhat expensive and I look forward to trying your recommendation. Thx!


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