Luxury Watch with Rubber Strap!!

I decided to finally wear my pink and creme, G-Shock watches that I bought back in December here recently, since I had on clothes that I thought fit their manuscript and I must say it was different and refreshing to feel a comfortable rubber watch band on my wrist instead of the usual gold and silver hardware Anne Klein one.

It was even more fun, to see the buttons on the G-Shock glow in the dark, while driving at night on my way home.

So yesterday, I saw an all white, rubber wrist band watch by (ah-em) Movado, the luxury watch retailer, and I said no way :~). This watch is COLD!

It is still very sophisticated, despite it's color and wristband style and veery much displays the one circular jewel style at the 12 o'clock point that Movado is infamous for. The cost is $995. Would you wear it?


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