Makeup Monday!!!

I have seen some AWESOME makeup applications over the past few weekends, shouts out to @shaniaja on twitter, for definitely having a popping eyeshadow job at KB's All-Black VIP Party, a couple of weekends ago.

And for someone like me, a minimal wake up wearer, my concern became, A. How can I get a little more pop to the colors that I do wear? and B. What about make-up longevity, how long can I get these colors to stay on?

I am gonna go out on a limb and say, I believe M-A-C Cosmetics, Prep + Prime Eye, may be a good place to start. It is my understanding that a primer goes on before any makeup application if you would like the color, to dance happily on your face and last.

Lets try this product together ladies. Price - $16.50. Available in 3 shades. Dont be alarmed it only goes on before the eyeshadow and the color does not have to match your skin perfectly.

If you are not a makeup guru, make an appointment with a M-A-C store near you and get your complimentary makeover. I am not sure if making a purchase is a stipulation to the comp makeover, but you can at least get some lip glass, if necessary.

Do not forget a totally popping eye must also include, upper and lower, eyeliner application as well as mascara. Relax and take notes. Until later, gators ;-)

Photo Source: Hairandmakeupblog, and M-A-C Cosmetics


  1. LaKieshia Thompson-OwensMarch 15, 2010 at 7:40 AM

    As a M.A.C. addict, I will be the 1st to weigh in on this topic. Although I've never used prep and prime, M.A.C. has a wide variety of base creams that serve the same pupose. If you're a shimmer fanatic, still life is a nice start! It is a paint that comes in a small tube but goes a long way. It can be worn as a base or by itself. Also, paint pots are an option. They come in a larger variety of colors than prep and prime.....I could go on for days! I simply love M.A.C. You don't have to make a purchase to have your face done on days that aren't busy in some locations, however, some stores do require a minimum purchase on $50. Macpro members receive a 30% discount on items that are not a part of holiday campaigns......;)


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