Melanie Fionia In-Store!!

Excuse me, for being a little excited about attending an UBER-Successful in store event. I mean, they have them all of the time in markets such as LA, NY, CHI and ATL. So, when I heard that the Womens Empowerment Expo was having one, at the Catwalk Boutique and was going to have Melanie Fiona (singer known for Give It To Me Right and It Kills Me) signing autographs, it became a priority for me to attend.

Catwalk Boutique accommodated the event very well, there was a plethora of people, good music and a good vibe. I am sure that our city will continue to produce events of this level of sophistication and grace, event listed here will be one of them.

Kudos go out to Catwalk Boutique, Womens Empowerment Expo, IAMTASHAJONES, the event planners and anyone else who assisted with this event. I ENJOYED IT!!


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