Dainty Jewels!!!

(All jewelry worn in the photo can be purchased at daintyjewels.com)
This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting, the owner of Dainty Jewels and viewing her entire jewelry collection at my own private Notable Styles Showing. All I can say is Wooooow!!!

If you want to make sure you have jewelry pieces that are trendsetting, high quality, well priced and fabulous, Dainty Jewels is your go to retailer.

This company is only 4 months old, but the business acumen displayed is very mature and the ideas are futuristic.  Dainty Jewels operates like a well oiled machine and that is something, that I have not witnessed, as frequently as I would like to in my hometown.

Miss Venisha of daintyjewels.com is from Detroit, MI and is bringing her flavor, influence and style into Indianapolis, slowly, yet surely and effectively.

I am looking forward to seeing what else Miss Venisha and Dainty Jewels will do. This young lady, is sharp and focused.

 Price upon request

Check out some of Dainty Jewels offerings throughout the blog post and link to the website, daintyjewels.com to make a secure purchase.

Fan Dainty Jewels on facebook to keep up with updates on what's new in the collection and for contact.
Price upon request

Price - $12

Price - $22

Price - $20


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