Drake Album Review!

A Notable reader, Ronnie Price was selected as the feature on the blog, for Drake Album Review. Read his review below. Do you agree or disagree? Leave comments. Lets discuss this album!

After listening to Drakes Thank Me Later Debut, I realized what I had expected all along; Drake is a R & B singer who happens to rap. And happens to rap better then most. With that said, and with that understanding, his debut is a very strong collection of silky smooth ballads, perfectly delivered punchlines and a-list features. Now, if for some odd reason you expected to hear bass pounding gangtsa shit, or you absolutely despise Drake singing (a lot), well this album is not for you. Its a lot more "Successful" then it is "Forever". Drake is a bonafide pop star, and his versatility is on full display. Thank Me Later is not a great hiphop album, its a great album period.

In my Notable Opinion, Swizz Beats track woke me up while I was about to doze off listening to the album. I love what Drake's album does for music. I am, a little undecided on how I feel about his growth or in what direction his music will go next.

I think because Drake has had such huge success, that I expected him to wow me like The Dream or Jay-Z. But for a freshman album release I would HAVE to give him 4 of 5 stars and that is THE TRUTH!!  His punchlines are some of the best and the way that Nicki Minaj rhymes like Kim on their collabo track, is a hit!!


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