Jump Shoes - From A Notable Styles Subscriber!!

I am soo thankful that many exclusive people and VIP's (Very Important People) read my blog. Due to this, I have an actual pair of Jump Shoes to show you, sent directly to me from a young CEO!

This young man, is the CEO of History Makerz a, very well sought after sound production company within the Indianapolis area, that does business in many markets outside of Indianapolis. Stay tuned to the blog for a post, on the HistoryMakerz and what their company is about, today I would like to brag about the CEO's Jump Shoes!

Pay close attention the croc, on the shoe and realize the craftsmanship and time that it requires to create this exclusive, high quality shoe.

Also notice the packaging of the shoe, this tells us the that the Jump brand, appreciates its product. It even comes with a dustcover, so that the shoe stays protected.

Now isn't this the type of shoe company that you would like to do business with? These shoes are not accessible by just anyone and are available at "select" retailers. Read my previous post if you are interested in obtaining a pair or getting more information on them.


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