7 Benefits of Regular Exercise!

Today is a good day! As long as I make it one, right? Why do mood swings even exist? Well in my world I would prefer that they didnt because clearly, moody people are a little difficult to deal with. I wonder do I know any? Lol

Anyway, I did some research and found out that mood swings can be prevented if regular physical activity is performed. There are 6 more things that being involved in regular physical activity can help and the full list is below:

1. Improves your mood
2. Combats chronic disease
3. Helps you manage your weight
4. Boosts your energy level
5. Promotes better sleep
6. Can put the spark back in your sex life
7. Can be fun

For full info on this article click the link below

**Needless to say I will continue to exercise the rest of my life because there are just so many darn benefits**

Source: Mayoclinic
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  1. Thanks for this reminder article that exercise is not just for the vain and beautiful people. But can actually be good for everyone else in between!No pain No gain!

  2. Yes, ma'am!!! I have to remember to talk of these types of subjects more often.


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