Could You Cope With A Private Relationship?

First, let me start out by using Jay and Beyonce as an example of a relationship that was not public, down to the actual wedding ceremony.

How would you deal with being in love and acting like regular old cordial people in front of everyone else or the cameras (in their case)?

Isn't it exciting to hold in all of that passion and attention you would like to display for when the two of you are alone?

Or is it even declared a "private" relationship because either of you have other situations? There is a difference between keeping it on the low because you are creeping and keeping it on the low for privacy isn't there?

Are there any benefits to having a private relationship? What about disadvantages?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like for you to weigh in on this topic. Leave comments and direct your friends here. Let's talk about it.
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  1. I think you summed that topic very well! In Jay & Beyonce's case I respect their "private" option because it may very well cost them millions of dollars and valuable wasted time trying to address issues that may arise if they were more publicly affectionate.
    Now on the other hand you have Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith who went as far as losely basing one of their t.v. show productions from actual events (All of Us).
    I guess it's all about how the two individuals chose to address the public.


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