The Dream and Christina Milian! Did he break her heart?

Now for those of you that haven't heard, The Dream and Christina Milian are going through a divorce. But reports have stated that Christina did not even realize that they were having serious problems?

Reports also show that The Dream filed for divorce before the baby was even born. So this seems to me to be adding up to equal a Heartbreak Hotel type of situation with The Dream doing the heart breaking. What do the Notable Ones think? Leave comments.

Check out the song Abyss track 8 and February Love track 11 on the Love King [Deluxe Version]. Leaves me saying hmm...

For more info on how their relationship is shaking out now follow this link

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  1. interestingly enough I am not surprised! What in Christina's pretty lil' head made her think that "Dream" (don't even know his real name)was qualified to spawn kids with her let alone be a good husband???

  2. His name is Terius Nash and that was definitely a surprise for me when they got together.


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