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The History Makerz Are Sound Proof!!

I have several projects forthcoming, where I will have the opportunity to work with a premier record label and sound production company by the name of the History Makerz. I AM UBER excited to work with them for they have a great reputation that proceeds them!!

The History Makerz have provided beats and performed sound production work for many people and companies including top billing recording artists like Toni Braxton and companies such as Apple, just to name a few.

I'd like to showcase the History Makerz latest project to show you further, how they are making waves in the city of Indianapolis, by establishing a strong brand and continuing to prove their diversity.
This project will display their first shot at producing sounds for an animation. And believe me, the audio is FLAWLESS! Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself. Click the following link to view a :30 second animated advertisement for JP BAIL BONDING Services with audio produced by the History Makerz!

See if you can locate the History Makerz logo within the commercial.

To listen to the History Makerz beat sampler follow this link

To contact the History Makerz call 317-918-9240 or email!! They would love to work with you.

**Stay tuned to the blog to stay current with what's next for Notable Styles and the History Makerz**

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  1. History Makerz are the truth! So says the C.O.O. You know what's up when we pull up!

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