Aoki Lee Simmons Birthday Fashion Show!!

Kimora Lee Simmons coordinated a Birthday Fashion Show for her daughter Aoki Lee, that took place yesterday in West Hollywood. To my understanding this fashion show occurred for two reasons. Of course, celebrating Aoki's birthday in style and with glamour was the first reason.

But, there was also a secondary reason that spans beyond the need for Kim Simmons to make her child feel like a princess, she also wanted to give back to other little princesses and include them in on the fun! The gratetful young ladies she selected were apart of the Make A Wish foundation.

Check out the pictures below to see what kind of fun the little ladies had. They look absolutely adorable.

Kudos to Kimora Lee once again for raising the bar a little higher. This time where being a mommy, a successful business woman and wife are concerned. She is proudly wearing the hat, yes you can do it all and be fabulous while doing it!


  1. I really love how Kimora juggles her family/life/career. :) Women we can do it even though it's really hard work.
    In the end all of the hard work pays off!!


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