Louboutin Love!!

This is the way that you do it!! You grind sooo hard, that you have no energy left. Then you order a pair of $1000 shoes (otherwise known as shoes with the red bottoms) that would make any man want to let go onto himself! Okay, WAIT sorry that was my alter ego writing this post.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

Christian Louboutin, KILLED the game, with a flannel, peep toe, bootie, that is EXCELLENT for Fall!! He added gold buttons for flavor, the military jacket inspired theme, a 6" heel and sent us fans off to look for a man, who's going to take us home to his momma (in a Dream voice).

Do you like them? Would you buy them?


  1. I love shoe posts on the blog...even more when u post the "more within the average persons budget" alternative right next to the featured item lol!!

    Designer shoes always fit to a tee but the alternatives I have issues with...

    Can you do a post that features any shoes that are just a bit wider than average..you know showcase some shoes that are still sexy but for the ladies who have a bit wider foot.


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