Question of the Day!

As parents and individuals, do some of ya'll still feel name brands are important, when you shop?

For example, you wouldn't be caught dead in recycled clothing? Or Payless shoes are not your cup of tea?

How about Lee jeans, are they definitely on your NOT TO WEAR list?

And how do you dress your children? Does it have to be Childrens Place and Rocawear? Or will Walmart lay-a-way hit the mark?

Don't forget about shoes? Does your child wear Nike and Jordan everything? Even though they will grow out of them in a couple of months?

Me, myself I like to keep a balance. I do love name brands but I don't have to have them!

I'd like to know your stand on this. Please comment. I'll talk more as you do :)

Thank you, Nobies!
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  1. Ebonie R Walls-RobinsonAugust 18, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    i def think its not important....i was victim to that with my first....but now with three its no even worthit...those outfits are "for when u goin somewhere" thats wht my momma calls em...other than tht walmart is my best friend...$3 top and bottoms!!!#priorities

  2. With 5 daughters and 3 grandchildren, no! It's fine for every now and then or if you can REALLY afford. However, children grow so fast, what is the use of spending that kind of money for an item that will need to be replaced SOON?

  3. I used to really care about name brands and how much stuff cost. Since I have a 8 year old I don't worry about name brands but what's on sale/quality. I like Childrens Place because the clothes last longer than Wal-Mart.


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