Think First, Speak Next!

Today, I would like to tell everyone reading this that your mouth is a powerful tool. It can heal people, hurt people, uplift people, speak hate upon others and a lot of different things.

Within the realms of using our mouths and speaking, words are things that we can never take back. Once the words have been spoken, it is done.

I ask you today, my friends, to think before you speak. To not be so anxious that you blurt out something without first regarding someone else's feelings or without taking into account the way they may interpret what you are saying.

The worst thing that we can do is say something that we regret saying. Life is too short to be filled with regret. And the power of love, life and positive thinking is to good a thing to be upstaged by negativity.

Focus in this life and think before you react in many situations.

I have been guilty as charged myself of this, more frequently than I would like to admit. And each time I tell myself that I will do better. But I am asking us to all do better.

Let's bring integrity, respect, honesty and virtue back into the world.

Our mouths are powerful and they are more effectively used when we think before we open them.

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