What Is The Difference In a Bad Chick and a Sexy Chick?

I would like to address the guys today but ladies, you are more than welcome to respond to this topic as well.

I sometimes hear men categorize a woman as Bad. And more frequently hear men consider women sexy. And then there is even a reference to some women with the description, she's alright. I would like to ask what is the difference between the three of these labels?

Is there an advantage to being considered Bad? Are you more likely to get with a girl if you think she's bad, sexy or alright? Do these labels really mean anything other than how you think a woman looks physically?

I am very curious. Please leave comments below and let me know what you all think!

Enlighten me :)

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  1. When I call a chick Bad that mean she's damn near perfect body wise and has nice face action! And I'm probably gonna take her down! Now a sexy broad makes my nature rise. And an alright chick, can get it on a night when nothing better is going on.

  2. C.O.O History MakerzAugust 2, 2010 at 11:57 PM

    Let's start in reverse. An alright chick is the girl that you see and she is just average in everyway. Her swag generally depends on how she is "dolled up" she's not sexy necessarily, but if you catch her at the right time and right place, with enough drinks in you she could do the trick. A sexy chick, is not necessarily a good looking chick. But there is more often than not something about her that turns a man on; be that the shape of her body, or the way that she walks. Or, it could simply be the way that she looks at a man that makes her sexy. But a BAD chick, even on her off days still will bring a man to his knees. The type of chick that kind of makes a man speechless. And please understand ladies, It's not all about looks. You could be the best looking woman on the planet and have a bad attitude and your looks mean absolutely nothing. Being bad is having a great job and career and being able to pay your own bills, but still making a man feel like he's your everything. Being bad is when every other woman in the club is complaining about their feet hurting in stilletos, still dancing and socializing because you know it make your figure look better. Being a bad chick is ALWAYS having your shoe and foot game right!!!!LMAO!!! Hope this helps Notonik!!!

  3. Thank you for the response, C.O.O of the History Makerz!!!

  4. most males want a "bad chick" cause it's like jumping in a mud puddle when your a child... you know your not suppose to do it, you know you'll end up walking home wet & dirty, you know your gonna get your ass whoop'd - but we do it anyway! the trill of doing something we're not suppose to intrigues us all!

    possessing something no other mortal can even touch, is power - and the bad chick represents just that for men. (Kanye/Amber, Jay-Z/Bey, Nas/Kelis)

    sexy women are "tier 2" types of ladies, they have outer beauty but only possess that one power that can be taken away easily.

    i'll choose the good, sexy nerd! i don't want the bad chick (been they, done that) give me her cute friend that's loyal, down-to-earth, fly and intelligent! ;)

  5. I see your perspective I.D. So bad is a culmination of things in your eyes, not just how good she looks?

    Are you saying that you would take the good, nerdy hot marketing young lady over Beyonce if they both wanted you? I think Bey is one of the few that is not pressed to be seen or make power moves by the man that she has therefore her badness doesn't possess much negative connotation as the other two that you mentioned. Her upbringing was a little different as far as self-esteem building, so I couldn't see her hottin around like Amber or pressed to prove something like Kelis.

    Although Jay did probably get a little wet and muddy by his selection (more cameras and more eyes into his life) but not necessarily affected in a negative light like Ye and Nas by the women choices they made.

  6. Henrik David DarkmanAugust 3, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    This bad versus sexy argument translates to the ephemeralities and transitoriness of female physicalities.
    So is there an advantage to being considered bad?...
    In the short-term, probably yes, but when a guy gets to 'dig deeper' into the interwoven mental/physical/spiritual constitution of that woman then those labels of bad vs. sexy become obsolete. A 'banging' body only goes so far.
    Are you more likely to get with a girl if you think, she's bad, sexy, or alright?...
    This question is inadequate when accessing the 'totality' of a woman. While the physical is important it will not and cannot be the sole factor when determining whether or woman is 'worth it' so to speak.
    Do these labels really mean anything other than how a woman looks physically?...
    This depends on the context in which the person says 'that chick right there, yea she is bad or sexy or alright'. So it's relative to that particular person's definition of what bad/sexy/alright is for a female.
    In today's climate I would assume that usually when someone says those adjectives to describe a woman that they're focused only on her outer shell.

    What guy wouldn't want a woman that is physically appealing, however if that's the totality of her worth it will be merely a bust-down/fling/extremely short-lived episode between them. Eventually there will be a badder/sexier/more-to-most alright chick in the midst and then what? Exactly, time to upgrade right? What else is being brought to the table? It kinda makes me think of biting into a rotten apple. You bite into it and it's disgusting, but on the outside it looked good. Further examination of the apple would have given the 'hungry go lucky guy' more information on this apple's 'constitution' that obviously couldn't be determined via sight alone.

    Looks are important but not everything. If it is something meaningful a guy is looking for from a female he probably wouldn't want to base it off looks alone. Being one dimensional is self-defeating not to mention looks are the first thing to fade for a woman anyways.

  7. I usually don't categorize women like this because I could say a female is sexy one day and bad the next. I don't believe there is significance between the labels."Alright" is just something you keep to yourself. No woman wants to be referred to as alright anyway. I try to keep it simple when calling women names because your reference can be detrimental to your progression with that situation. Everybody is different with their way they interpet things!

  8. IF a woman is bad, that means she looks nice. Could be a combination of looks or body shape

    If a woman is alright she meets the lowest requirement for you to have sex wit her

    And if a chick is sexy that has to do more of how she carries herself/how she talks, dress, wears her hair/things she does.

    Sexy trumps everything because its always attractive. You can be bad but not be attractive


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