Rent The Runway! Are You Ready?

Good day Nobies!! Do you all remember, Bag, Borrow or Steal? Well this company is now called Avelle, but if you are a member, they allow you to rent luxury handbags and accessories for a period of time. You still don't remember? Well the company was featured in Sex And The City, when Jennifer Hudson mentioned where she got the handbag from that caught SJP's eye? Okay, now do you remember?

Wouldn't that be perfect if there was a company similar to Avelle but for fashion apparel? There is and it's called Rent The Runway. So, if you would like to wear a fabulous dress and accessories for a special occasion for 90% of the retail price, and be able to return it, Rent The Runway is your go to. Link into their website for details and to register for this service. Runway Looks for a portion of the cost and the garment will not have to stay in your closet and devalue. You can return it and move on the the next one. Sounds splendid!!


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