Images From Paris Fashion Week S/S 2011 Shows and Masquerade Ball!!

Looking at the pictures from Paris Fashion Week, yesterday blew me away! View the photos carefully, because you will find plenty of examples of how to dress classy, sophisticated and still embody sex appeal when attending fashion shows. You will also pick up some great ways to mix and match separates if you pay attention carefully.

Of course, there is star power and you will see Kanye and Selita together at a masquerade ball at the Grazia, Amber Rose arriving to Louis Vuitton in a one shoulder gown, Rihanna rocking some Dorothy pumps with off-color socks at Miu Miu, Janet Jackson looking very in control at Hermes and more. To view more pictures that I did not include here, like the Notable Styles and More facebook page, by following this link.

Louis Vuitton Arrivals

 The Louis Bag has a croc flap, with textured 
monogram body. Lovely!!

The Louis Vuitton animal-inspired collection, with 
purposeful punches of color, SWEET!!

Hermes Front Row

Miu Miu Runway Show

Masquerade Ball at the Grazia

So were you inspired from yesterdays Paris Fashion Week attendees? What was your favorite look? What look didn't you like? Leave comments below.


  1. It is nice to see Kanye and Selita together. I wish someone would throw a classy masquerade ball that I could attend. I liked a lot of the outfits. Amber Rose's dress seems a little too big, maybe it just needs a little tailoring. She still looks good.

    I loved the turquoise shorts and the pink dress Dakota was wearing.



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