JaRule On Location For GOAT!!

JaRule is in the process of filming GOAT, a crime movie to be released in 2011 with the tagline "Wrong Turn. Wrong Choice. Wrong Guy." This movie is currently in post-production status and will also employ a cast of actors such as Ice-T, Elia Monte Brown, Vincent Pastore of the Sopranos and others.

Below are some pictures of JaRule and Elia Monte Brown. JaRule is wearing a Louis Vuitton Brown Damier Cardigan on top of a black v-neck t-shirt, which I would say he is wearing very well. Score for Ja.

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  1. It also looks like JaRule is wearing Louis Vuitton shades as well!!!

  2. Ja Rule doing his thing... cant wait for the new album... i already signed up to www.ruleyork.com

  3. go on rule i gotcha

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