T. Party and Fashion Wrap Up T. Party Shirt Launch!!!

T. Party shirts are screenprinted, statement shirts for your life. Dress them up or dress them down to fit the way YOU like your T.

Last night I attended the launch of the T. Party shirt line held at Blu Martini. The head designer of the T. Party brand, Kaitlin Elyse was excited, prepared and ready to show the world what she has.

I personally enjoyed and adored what I saw from the T. Party line and I hope that you do to. For more information on this budding, new, tee shirt brand, visit, T. Party on facebook.

Kaitlin Elyse

Eimaj Designs by Dampier 

 Eimaj Designs by Dampier

DJ Stewbot


Amy Beers of Nightlights.tv wearing 
T. Party

The designers favorite T. Party tee "Judge Me"

Tee pricing is available upon request!!


  1. I love the T.Party Tee's I think they are witty, fun,sassy and very hip!! Tee's are such a staple in everyone's wardrobe!!


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