Boutique Feature of the Month: Dope Couture!!!

I awarded Dope Couture Shop with the illustrious, Notable Styles and More Boutique of the Month Award for November 2010. If you frequent this blog, you should be fully aware of the shop located in Bloomington, IN that has a nationally renown and celebrity adorned signature brand called "Dope Couture". The Bougie Crew also keeps their shoppers in the What's Hot Now by offering 10.Deep, Rocksmith, G-Shock and more from their in-store and online shop. In the words of Sean Carter, Can I Say "...Seen It All, Done It All...".

Here is a link to read my most recent posts about Dope C.

Link in to their webstore and tell your friends about them. The price points are good and they sell both men and womens fashion. They have enough A-1 product to go around, trust me. If you are not afraid to be bold, a trendsetter and fashionable, Dope Couture Boutique is the place for you.


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