Tired Of The Same Old Leggings?!!

Update your personal leggings collection, with a pair of Topshop, tie dyed, fringed leggings.

I like the tie dye on these pants, I think the blending is very crisp and creative. The fringe just gives the pants some extra character.  Price - $44!! So would you wear them?

For some budget friendly, non-traditional pairing options see below.

Price - $89.95

Price - $29.95

Price - $20.99


  1. I have the black fringe leggings and I LOVE THEM!


  2. Im sure that you can do a lot with these pants in black. I think they are HOT!! I selected some relaxed pairing options to show a different look for the leggings, ya know.

    Thank you for your comment and for reading!!


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