Fashion and Style Is Not Just About The Physical!

There are two things that I would like to touch on this Sunday morning. The first being, we are almost into winter, but at stores and boutiques around the world, the Spring 2011 product will slowly begin to arrive. The Spring 2011 runway looks have been published since September 2010. And the Fall 2011 apparel will be viewed February 2011 in a couple of months at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week. Point, we are living in the winter season but fashion is not dictated by the current season. Meaning, you can shop and stock for an upcoming season if you see something that you like, it almost makes sense to.

The second thing I would like to stress is that fashion is not just ALL about appearance. Yes, it is one of the first things people notice when they meet you and the quality and care of your garments and shoes is important. But there are also eco friendly fashions that are environmentally sound and there are fashions that promote positive causes in their mottos, campaigns (Keep A Child Alive), insignias and logos. With that being said, fashion is definitely an integral element in promoting good causes and fashion is not solely about "How Do I Look"?

This sandal inspired every thought that I have written above. This Georgina Goodman shoe is SENSATIONAL!! I love the colors in it. I love the message this shoe is sending with the word "LOVE" and how it is crafted into the design. The beige and black wide striped stiletto heel is genius! I can tell that the area under your toes and ball of the foot is very well cushioned (for a comfortable wear) and the ankle strap gives the wearer that much more support to walk in this lovely shoe. I would give this shoe a PERFECT 10!

The price of this item used to be $920 but has been discounted to $386.20.

Do you love this shoe as much as I do?


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