One of the Reasons I Miss LA!!

Yesterday, December 13th in Los Angeles, CA the temperature topped near 70 degrees and today, the low was 49 with a high at 69. I so envy that warmer temperature right now.

I am fully aware that Los Angeles isn't the only warm weather climate in the winter months but it is the one that I relate to personally. I used to live in Los Angeles, a few years back and my first visit there was the day after Christmas, December 2005. Imagine, going from cold, blistery Indianapolis, weather to rolling up La Cienega Blvd, seeing people with their convertible tops down.....ohhhh refreshing :)

Anyway, Reese Witherspoon inspired my LA post today by what she wore yesterday. If I was in LA, I would probably definitely be in a cardigan and skirt too, probably a platform sandal or wedge peep toed boot though and yes, keep the shopping bags, of course. Melrose, here I come!! What do you think of her look?


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