R. Lynda Indy Based Designer With National Appeal!!

R. Lynda is a fresh faced fashion designer, who has done more for the fashion industry scene in Indianapolis in a few years than most designers, that I have seen emerge from the corn state of Indiana.

I once worked as a style assistant back stage for a show that R. Lynda put on at the Embassy Suites, about 3 years ago. At that time. the wardrobe was based mostly off of her own possessions and fashionable pieces, alongside Berny Martin adding in a few pieces from his own personal collection.

Now, R. Lynda is in full fledged fashion designer mode presenting her own collection to Indianapolis as of last season, getting apparel placements on a top celebrity (Raven-Simone), her design is also featured on the cover of The Fashion Wrap Up Magazine December issue and she has recently launched her web boutique.

R. Lynda is making waves in the sea of fashion and has the talent and know-how to be successful at doing so.

R. Lynda's price points are very reasonable. Take a look below at some of my favorite pieces from her collection. Link in to her web store and see how many items that you may desire for yourself.


  1. Thank you :)
    Fashionably yours,

  2. I don't see anything special at all! and if I see her one more time on Indystyle I just may puke!


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