The Simple Things!

I was browsing through the Parasuco website, because I noticed they were a featured brand on the site, Beyond The Rack yesterday and for some reason I couldn't successfully enter the Beyond the Rack sale. So I decided to view the Parasuco site directly to see what has been going on with their line since, this past June.

Below you will see only a top half of a look and I feel obligated to tell you why this look, inspired me. First of all, every single thing in this image is proportional and symmetrical. The way the hair hits the shoulders and even the models lean, tells a story.

The shoulder pads are parallel to the shirt design. The shirt material near the pads are complimenting and accentuating the shoulder pads in a perfect way. No extra material, hanging over the shoulder or out of place in any way.

I love the braided band around the hair look and the fact that it is not the same color of the shirt, just allows my inspiration to grow.

I believe whomever styled this Parasuco look, knew what the Hell they were doing. And for that, I am grateful!

She is totally, giving me hard core, edge, but with soft touched and I have to love the mix of both.  Ciao!!!


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