18 Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make On An Email!!

I will post an excerpt of an article about email etiquette because it IS important. These rules do not only apply to the workplace. I feel that these rules should be applied anytime that you email someone, especially if you want to be seen as a professional and intellectually inclined person.

1. Sending before you mean to.
Enter the recipient's e-mail address only when your e-mail is ready to be sent. This helps reduce the risk of an embarrassing misfire, such as sending an important e-mail to the wrong person or e-mailing a half-written note.

2. Forgetting the attachment. If your e-mail includes an attachment, upload the file to the e-mail before composing it. This eliminates the embarrassing mistake of forgetting it before hitting "send," and having to send another e-mail saying you forgot to attach the document.

3. Expecting an instant response. Don't send an e-mail and show up at the recipient's desk 30 seconds later asking if they've received it. They did, and they'll answer at their convenience. That's the point of e-mail.

4. Forwarding useless e-mails. I've never seen a single e-mail forward at work that was beneficial. Whether it's a silly joke or a heartwarming charity, there's never a time to share an e-mail forward using your work e-mail.

5. Not reviewing all new messages before replying. When you return to the office after a week or more away, review all new e-mails before firing off responses. It might be hard to accept, but odds are, things did march on without you. Replying to something that was already handled by a co-worker creates extra communication, which can lead to confusion, errors, and at the very least, wasted time for everyone involved.

Utilize this link to read the entire article.

An additional tip that is not within the article, Please perform a spell and grammar check before sending.

Source: Finance.yahoo.com, Andrew G. Rosen


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