Are Beyonce's Leggings Stolen Property?

Around August 24th of last year, an Icelandic clothing label, E-Label reported to the press that a Fall 2010 House of Dereon version of a studded legging (worn by Beyonce above, on Jan 4th, 2011) is eerily similar to their design Bey purchased from TopShop a year before.

Link here for more details.

Well its January 2011 and Bey's wearing the bootylicious pants, so I think it would be safe to say there isn't a lawsuit pending in regards to this accusation.

But one thing that gives me the sad face about this story, is that I can't find the leggings for sale anywhere.

So Dereon reps, fans and or fashion experts if you are reading this, hit me with the scoop on where to get them!


Image Source: Singersroom
Info Source: Fabsugar Au

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