Great Ways To File Your Taxes Online!

It's tax time!! And some of you are awaiting your W-2s!! Others used the info from the last paycheck stub to get the estimated tax return amount as early as 18 days ago.

I wanted to share with you a list of 9 different software titles that can be used to file your taxes online.

I have personally used Turbo Tax and Tax Act to file my taxes before with no errors or unforeseen repercussions.

#1 Turbo Tax
#2 H&R Block at Home
#3 Tax Act
#4 One Price Taxes
#5 Complete Tax
#6 Tax Slayer
#7 Tax Brain 1040
#8 OLT Online Taxes
#9 Express Tax Refund

Search some of the companies I have included above and see if the software meets your criteria as a trusted source. For more info on this article go to

**Remember to file your state taxes as well. And always follow the rules.** Deadline to file April 15th, 2011.

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