The Little Green Bean Boutique!!

Thanks to the IFC (Indianapolis Fashion Collective) and Truen Jaimes I was introduced to a wonderful childrens consignment boutique by the name of the Little Green Bean Boutique. I headed over to this location (2809 E. 10th St. Indianapolis, IN) for an IFC, Special Events Committee meeting, not knowing I was going to fall in love with the meeting place.

I could not keep my eyes off of the children clothes. The amount of cutesy, fun, creative and high quality apparel options for little girls and boys was so MAJOR!  I already mentioned the word consignment, so the prices are BEYOND, reasonable.

I challenge you to visit this boutique and shop for childrens clothing until you drop! But I ask you one thing, please leave some clothing there for other shoppers, it will be hard, but not impossible.


  1. You're most welcome for the introduction. The owner of the boutique is my sister and I know I might be a bit bias so its always great to see other people love her shop too! So glad you attended and excited to work with you.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the post, Truen!! Cheers to the IFC's future!!


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