Sunglasses You Will Want To Be Sporting This Spring!!

Happy Saturday, all! I am going to go in on sunglasses today, one of the simplest items to purchase, but one of the most statement pieces that we can purchase.

Sunglasses, can do a lot for our wardrobe look, ladies and gentlemen! When worn properly they do more for us than just shield and protect our eyes from the sun. They can sometimes be the icing on the cake (our outfits being the cake) that will complete our look.

The sunglasses seen above are mainly statement eye wear. Statement sunglasses are best worn with a not so statement outfit, unless you are shooting a video, attending a fashion forward event or doing something else, that may call for a Full Blown Fashion Frenzy!!

Designers of the sunglasses in sequence of the images

A-Morir Kerin.Rose Beethoven - Price $200
Alloy - Price $10.90
Alexander Wang Zipper - Price $325
RayBan (new assorted colors) - Price $145
Anthropologie Lunettes - Price $24

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