Feature Friday: Author Portia A. Cosby!!!

Portia A. Cosby is a self-published (DISTINCT Publishing), multiple degree toting author, who I have the pleasure of knowing personally. Portia recently released her third book entitled, "The Disgruntled Wives Club" which she states was inspired by her own personal experiences and the experiences of friends and family members regarding relationship turmoil. Ms. Cosby asks, what makes a woman stay in a relationship that is unhealthy in some way shape, form or fashion? The Disgruntled Wives Club book touches on this particular question and not only displays the different situations of the three women (Dana, Willow and Crystal), but offers some resolve to their separate situations. Because the book shows that all three of these women would like to keep their marriages alive, the book is more about connecting with women in a girl talk fashion than it is about male bashing.

The Disgruntled Wives Club is on sale NOW at amazon.com via this link. The price is $11.24 for paperback and the kindle version costs $9.99.

Portia's other available books are titled "Too Little, Too Late" and "Lesson Learned: It Is, What It Is" which are also available on amazon.com.

Portia A. Cosby is an author that is very well worth reading. Her positive reviews on all 3 books and being listed on Terry McMillan's list of "Authors Worth Reading" solidify her talents.

Stay in touch with Portia by logging onto her website, http://www.portiacosby.com and fanning her facebook page located here.


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