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Burberry’s Immersive Experience!!

Burberry at Jeju is the brands first ever nature inspired outdoor and indoor immersive experience - which is taking place on Jeju Island, South Korea. The reason for the event was to unveil Burberry’s most recent outerwear collection, including their well known trench coat in an updated textile with added weather resistant benefits. 👍🏾 Once you view the images you should notice the immaculate design, attention to detail and the various opportunities Burberry presented for attendees to involve themselves in this experience. The structure is actually mirrors arranged in such a way to reflect the beauty of nature. This installation is now open to the public and will be until December 12, 2021. I think Burberry nailed it with this one. What are your thoughts? Photo Credits: Burberry

Lil Kim Sold 100K Copies of Black Friday Mixtape in 24 hours??

There is a minor controversy that Lil Kim stating she sold 100,000 copies of her Black Friday mixtape for $9.99 within 24 hours via Paypal is a stretch from the truth. Lil Kim and her team removed a tweet that those stats made her the highest, seller on Paypal ever within 24 hours, because a rep at Paypal did not confirm or deny that statement when approached with questions by the media. But why would Kim, exaggerate mixtape sales? According to an article on, the sales may be slightly higher than 100,000 copies.

What I do know, is that:

1. She sold her mixtape. Something that the newbie rappers haven't done in awhile. So at $9.99/each she's making some good figures (no matter how many copies are sold) via a selling format that charges a very little percentage per transaction.

2. She's a bonafide hustler, which is something that is not always easily displayed or done in this new wave of music. Many artists are out here doing what it takes to make a song/produce a so-called "Hot" single that does not even display their true talents all for a small net amount in comparison to what they are generating.

With that being said, it is obvious, I am "Team Kim". I like Nicki too, this article has nothing to do with her. I may not agree with everything that Lil Kim does or how she may go about things, but the truth be told, she's doing it on her terms. And that is worth celebrating, in this age of the convoluted, robotic machine era of entertainment.

For more information on the Lil Kim mixtape story visit this link.

Photo Source: Johnny Nunez for wireimage


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