Memrise: Creates New Ways Of Learning A Foreign Language Online!

Memrise is a company that has produced an innovative way to learn languages. The two founders of Memrise understand that the adult memory needs more than listening to a vocal rendition and seeing a visual of a word to learn a foreign language.

Memrise states, "we're integrating everything we know about the art and science of memory to help you learn faster."

Memrise is based in Oxford, UK and was founded by Greg Detre, a PhD neuroscientist from Princeton, and Ed Cooke, a Grandmaster of Memory.

Some of what Memrise does to help you learn is directly relates the foreign language word to a visual cue that represents that word in the English language (using a flash technology transition). If you look at the images above, you see a chinese character and then its meaning in the image below it using a visual cue which is displayed directly on top of the original character. Smart right? I believe this is the way that Memrise teaches throughout the online experience. This system seems interesting and very relative.

I think this is a wonderful technique, its free and online. What more can you ask for?

Visit the Memrise site, here.

For more information on this subject follow the link to an article written by Alex Salkever, entitled "Look Out, Rosetta Stone: Memrise Has A New Vision For Learning Languages".


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