Toast to the MUAs!! Eyelash Infash!!

Today, I am going to show MUA's a little love. I know all over the world make up artists work hard on creating, fresh faced and fabulous looks and may not be shown much appreciation. So from Notable Styles and More, I love you, I appreciate you! And if you ever need a face to practice on, my very exotic bone and face structure is always available.

The make-up artists who created the Jazmine Sullivan (10 Seconds) and Marsha Ambrosius (Far Away) eye looks for their videos, deserves a hearty HOORAAY!!!

Stone/crystal tipped lashes are definitely in right now, look great and are not over powering the way they are done here. Have you ever seen a garment, belt or pair of shoes, that was just too crystallized?? Yes, I have too. Can we say, o-ver-done?

But, the eye looks that these two ladies are flaunting, are just about perfect! If you can point out an imperfection, anywhere, share it with me or leave a comment. Personally, I myself, did not see anything but inspiration when I looked at the eyes of Jasmine and Marsha.

Jazmine's look has less artwork than Marsha but packs the same dramatic punch. The dramatic and accented eyes mesh cohesively, with the clothing, the black and white theme of the video and the song.

Marsha's eye look, even has the title of her song, wonderfully scribed onto her lids. In combination with the lashes, it is a complete story. The video could have been all about the eye creation, in my opinion. - It is so well done.

Congratulations to the MUA's that worked on these two videos, you now have one more admirer in me.


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