A Little Leopard For The Fellas!

Hello gentlemen! I think that you all may like this animal print post. First let me tell you that this product represents two things that I know you love!

One being tennis shoes. This is a Nike tennis shoe with a basic style and a major flair.

The second thing this product incorporates into the mix is the feline (meow) cat. You all love cats, riiiiight?

Well lookie here. Its a Nike tennis shoes with leopard design on the in sole. Nice, hunh?

This photo is courtesy Garrett Munce, the associate market editor of WMag. Follow him on twitter @WmagGarrett.

If you'd like to know where you can find them contact gotSole? Boutique (@gotsoleboutique on twitter) in Indianapolis. I'm sure that Mike will be able to help you find these or a pair equally as fresh!


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