A Quick Casual and Chic Outfit Straight From Your Own Closet!!

Alright ladies, it is almost light jacket weather. And if you have experience transitioning from Winter to Spring, you may be layering now, preparing for the days when the weather does reach above 55 degrees and you may feel liberated to remove one layer, to remain comfortable.

This post though is really not about layering at all. Although the look that we are going to create is best suited for light jacket weather. I would like to showcase how you can purchase a low priced tee and pair it with items that you already have in your wardrobe to create a fresh new way of wearing the items you own.

But there are a few things you may want to start out with in order to make this happen. Of course, I will give you substitutes, if you don't actually own the items pictured.

1. A Louis Vuitton Damier Bag (option) a different kind of chocolate brown purse
2. Any pair of jeans that are bootcut or fitted near the ankle (option) any pair of jeans that you love the fit of :)
3. A clog, platform or high sandal shoe in olive green *a neutral color* (option) tan, brown or a beige shoe will do and is a lot safer to suit less risky fashionistas

Now all that you have to do is, put these items on together with the new t-shirt found at JCPenney for $11.99 and voila!! A new twist to your old items!

Happy Dressing!!!


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