Want to Bare Leg? While You Are Waiting For The Warm Up?

If you are like us Indianapolis fashionistas, who are still waiting on our Spring warm-up, you may be a little iffy about wearing out those wonderful skirts and dresses for fear of what's left of the hawk or the night chill. And if you are a fashionista, you probably have realized that wearing thick tights is OUT (Heidi Klum voice), unless they are under your pants being worn as a substitute for a thermal pant. So this post is to grant you three options of cute black opaque *key word* tights. This kind of tight may be worn out on the town because they are opaque, black, trendy and cute. Slide a pair of these on missies under your spring short items and you'll be rocking with the best!
Don't be afraid to wear them under shorts as well, if you are clubbing or going out.
All three pairs are priced at $7.50. Available at charlotterusse.com.


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