Bag Poppin'!!

For those of you who do not know, I am a quality good fanatic! I used to consider myself a luxury good lover, but all things that I like do not have to be in the "actual" luxury goods category, but they do have to possess those qualities. And at times I have found very good buys that have great quality, but the brand name is not particularly listed on the "luxury good" list, it is most often un-noted, as an under the radar brand. Anyway, I have 2 bags that I would like to show you. 1 of the brands is considered luxury goods and the other one, is considered good quality. No matter how you slice it, all things of good quality I love.

Pour La Victoire Fuschia Leather "Twiggy" Round Crossbody Bag
Retail $155, Bluefly Price $93

YSL Flame leather "Lucky Chyc" two tone tote
Retail $1195, Bluefly Price $956


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