Matchy Matchy Done Righty, Righty!!!

Anne Hathaway does matchy matchy the right way. A purple and black adorned dress that fits Miss Annie, nicely, accompanied by purple and black, velvet and leather Gucci Malika sandals, topped with a touch of gold leather trim, matches together perfectly.

I am often not a fan of your apparel matching your shoes to a tee, without additional accessories that can break up the color flow, i.e, a belt, a handbag, a pair of glasses, or other accessories. But this Anne Hathaway look has won me over. And unless she's changed stylists recently I have give thanks to the Rachel of Zoe, for nailing it once again.

Gucci Malika Sandals - Price $995 *the color Anne is wearing call for details*

Excellent Addition? The quirky glasses!! Let's go Anne and Rachel!!!


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