BIG NEWS of the Week!! Nordstrom Downtown Indy Says Goodbye!!

 Since about Wednesday, of last week, I have had several sidebar conversations, with co-workers, my mother, one of my bff's (a stylist at Nordstrom Las Vegas) and other people about the "horrific" news of Nordstrom Downtown, Indianapolis, Indiana closing at the end of July, 2011.

Now, I have always wanted to be a downtown girl. Even considering the fact that I may be a mother soon, my ideas about living downtown didn't falter. The point that Nordstrom was there was definitely one of the reasons of my desiring downtown living. Nice shoes, cool accessories, a great makeup department, a sophisticated clothing selection..........I could go on.

These are the facts:

1. Nordstrom leaving, means downtown Indianapolis, will not have any other retailer *specifically a tri-level retailer* that will cover the brand range, product range and price range that Nordstrom did.

2. A vacant spot of this size and magnitude is completely an eye sore, for residents and tourists alike.

3. Every single person can't possibly shop at the Nordstrom at Keystone Crossing or even have the need or desire to. I personally don't live closer to the Keystone Store, so, how could that Nordstrom be more convenient for me.

4. Nordstrom Rack is scheduled to arrive to the Rivers Edge Shopping Center on the Indianapolis, IN north east side in September of this year, and a Rack is hardly going to satisfy the void of the downtown Nordie.

5. Downtown residents could use a store closer to home for lifestyle goods offered by a Target, IKEA, and stores of the like, but, Im not particular that I would want to see that downtown as a stand-alone store, without an additional upscale premium apparel retailer.

I feel like this, if Nordstrom is not replaced with a Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales our downtown fashion scene will be taking steps backward in establishing a culture of fashion moving forward, life moving forward. Even a Lord and Taylor or another Macy's that carries more high end brands than the general local Macy's store carries could thrive and be interesting to residents and tourists.

But maybe the problem stems further then the Nordstrom shoppers being cut in half since the opening of Nordstrom on the northside. What happened to all of the shoppers in downtown Indianapolis? The visions and images we saw of women and men, walking to shop in the 90s-00's?

I have been told by many that the lunch time shoppers from the surrounding downtown area were layed off due to the economy, from four specific big downtown businesses: Lilly, AUL, Anthem and AT&T. And if this information is correct then yes, that may affect sales, quite a bit, Nordstrom.

I wish Simon Property Group the best in obtaining a proper replacement downtown, in several of the vacancies. Think outside the box, and select 3 good retailers, one in the Nordstrom class, one that can help out the downtown Indiana wholesale district and a home goods store, to attract more people to live downtown.


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