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Dope Couture Gets Dope For Summer!!

The Bloomington, IN based Bougie Crew AKA Dope Couture, has hit us with a few of their summer releases and I'd like to say that the designs are SLAMMING!!

If you know anything about fashion, you know that camo is a must! Original tees with cool graphics and sayings are a must!!! And mixing up your colors when getting fresh is a must!!!! But before you walk out of the door, dont forget your nautical inspired baseball style cap!! Yes, Dope C has done that!!! Keep reading for the price points.

Captain Navy Snapback Hat - $36

Captain Tee - $32

Mini-Poster Patch Shorts Pt II - $75

Team F.A.N.T.F (censored) - $32

Coup D'etat Tee - $32

I will express an opinion that states that every single piece of clothing featured here is worth copping! Go out and get it!! To shop Dope C, link here.


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