psnob: An Indy Friend Goes Nationwide!

Several people in Indianapolis have mentioned the brand psnob to me over the past couple of years.

This fact leads me to believe that Rebecca Robinson the designer of psnob, is from the land of the corn and the Motor Speedway, just like myself.

I am uberly excited that an Indianapolis bred fashion designer with background in fine art and textures can create, one of a kind handbags that are hand painted, hand sewn and that look so great!

The handbags are created in three categories of fine art: Prima (one of a kind), Imprimatur (limited edition print) and Ultima (made to order). Pricing ranges from around $100 - $1200.

Psnob also branched out last year into t-shirts which were sold for $25 and a portion of the proceeds went to a community charity in Atlanta.

For more info on the psnob brand visit

Topic contributor: Simone Dokes

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