Summer Fashion Dresses!

I have attached a couple of pictures of Jennifer Anniston and Ginnifer Goodwin rocking "heatwave" dresses by Vivienne Westwood and Herve Leger by Max Azria respectively.

These two looks stood out to me because they are demure in their own way. The relaxed keyhole and color of Jennifer A's dress is amazing.

And of course, I love the form fitted Herve Leger on Ginnifer G. The detailing of this dress is unique and fun.

This summer ladies, try to take your dress game up a notch. Stay a-waaaay from the solid blacks and grays and opt for a "bright" fun colored or uniquely detailed summer dress look that will reflect your bright and fun attitude or either by wearing the garment, the clothes may convince you to have a bright and fun attitude. :)

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