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Heel Height Thats Alright!!

Quickly, ladies, because in this day and time, we don't have a lot of time to do ANY-THING!
1. Wedge boots, booties and shoes are TOTALLY in this Fall '11 Season.
2. If you like heel height but don't want to always wear a traditional heel, this seasons wedges are for you.
3. Not only does some of the wedges offer a 4" heel, but because it is a wedge, it will give you balance that you cant always get in a normal heel.
4. This particular shoe is a decent quality brand and it is marked down from its original selling price.
5. It comes in granite and black and has a cover up looking detail added to the shoe for style and flavor.
Price - $149.50
So what are you waiting for to order it? Contact for order details and what to wear with this fab style wedge boot.


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