Kanye West's Spring Summer 2012 Collection!!

Kanye West premiered his "highly anticipated" S/S 2012 Collection at London Fashion Week a few days ago. The line by the name of DW was welcomed with open arms by some and criticized by others.
In my opinion, the collection was blessed by more than a few pieces that would have been better suited in a F/W Collection. That fact aside, I think that Kanye's designs are made to make a woman feel good about herself, stylish, sexy and classy all at the same time and for that, he gets a WIN in the Notable Styles and More book!
The sandals are bomb, with snakeskin, high heels and ankle adornments throughout. The fur vests and tails, blew me away with the innovative way the collection allows you to wear them. A fur vest without all the fuss, that has a basic snap closure. I love it! How about the form fitting bandage dress, translated Ye style into a bandage style dress where the design actually looks like bandages, the wrist and ankle kind. Very literal, yet interesting and playful. And please notice the fingerless, thumbless glove that goes a little passed the wrist and has stones, all over it. A definite show piece for a stylist such as myself. I could take that glove and build an entire look around it where the glove would be the focal point!

Kanye also made a BFGF (boy friend girl friend) top. He took the edginess of a woman, wearing the mans white button up after a late night, minus the buttons and turned into daytime. GENIUS! I wonder if I could get one of those in a version that would fit a more endowed woman?

The pants are spectac! Colorful, playful and well tailored. This portion of the collection seems to remind me of a Balmain, inspired look. 

In all, I feel that Kanye's Collection is just what I've missed seeing in clothing. Hip, sassy, classy and fun. If I had to categorize the clothing, I would say, they are for people that like to embrace their bodies, be relaxed, yet edgy and stylish. Keep going Kanye! Let's bring this look to the mainstream. I want the DW look, I like that.

Images Courtesy: Guardian.co.uk


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