The New Pastry's Online Shop!!!

The ladies of Pastry, Vanessa and Angela Simmons have decided to launch an online boutique to give their fans something more. The ladies have a lot going on with the brand as of late and I am sure, more to come.
The recent and upcoming projects consist of things such as a collaboration with the brand Chivalrous Culture started by their brother Diggy, a breast cancer awareness bracelet, a Spring 2012 campaign ad competition with Cody Simpson and much more. This online boutique will offer all of what is past, present and future to you on Love! Pastry products will also be available at a discounted rate on the site address here,
V & A would also like to tell you, to get ready to see a lot more of the new brand ambassadors Mz. Bratt and Jessica Jarrell, as their faces become the new face of Pastry. The Pastry Shoes Vice President, Solomn Dabah states, "We are celebrating this transition by offering cheap shoes on this off-Pastry site." And I think that this idea is FABULOUS, dont you???
I linked onto the site and shopped around and I must say, I found a few items that I liked. From the top to bottom here are the item details:
1. An image of Mz. Bratt rocking her Pastry's. You should check out her music too. I hear that she is pretty good.
2. Glam Pie Vul Pastry - Price $35
3. Hi Top Sire Vars Pastry - Price $44.99
4. Jade Beads for Breast Cancer Awareness (also avail in green) - $19.99
5. Ms. Chivalrous Tee (also avail in white) - $19.95


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