Melina Kennedy vs. Greg Ballard on Key Issues!

Below you will find information and stances of the Indiana mayorial candidates some key issues. There is a link to each of the candidates website as well, for you to follow and read this information and more for yourself. Do you research before going to the polls tomorrow. Vote SMART.
Melina Kennedy on Crime:
As mayor, I am committed improving public safety and making our neighborhoods safer. I am committed to getting illegal guns, gangs and drugs, which are assaulting our city, off our streets and out of our neighborhoods. I will address these core issues aggressively and in a coordinated effort with the Prosecutor, the Sheriff and our federal agencies.
Melina on Jobs:
We also must foster entrepreneurialism and develop and train our workforce if we are to provide a base of employers in the future and supply workers who can meet employers' needs.
 Melina on Education:
As Mayor, I plan to dramatically increase the access our children have to high-quality pre-kindergarten, and do so in
a way that can serve as a model for the rest of the state.  We'll do this by making an initial investment from the
2021 Vision fund in a pilot initiative to identify quality preschool providers in Marion County, award them targeted
grants to help them further improve the services they provide, and provide tuition credits for families so that the
highest quality pre-k is affordable.
Greg Ballard's link to why he should be re-elected:
Ballard pointed to his efforts to make the Police Department more efficient, privatize parking meters, sell the water and sewer utilities and fix ...


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