Boutique Feature: RunWay Diva Boutique

In 2012 I am bringing you more! More features, more layouts, more hot items and more things to think about! Stay with me through out the year, because this will be a BLAST!!
Today, I would like to drop a MUST SHOP boutique on you. A boutique by the name of RunWay Diva Boutique. I have yet to visit the physical store location, but from the images that Notable Styles received the looks, products and window displays are darling.
This boutique is the epitome' of creative showcasing. Notice, how each wall has a color theme and the accessories are located in close proximity of the look? Need help with shopping? Well yeah, the store has already put some items together for you. To me it feels like bringing a fashion graphic design layout to life. Art meets Fashion! I love it!!
I also love the texture and background of the decor in the boutique, small things that enhance a consumers shopping experience. Don't you agree?
RunWay Diva Boutique sells apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry and more and I know that the prices are reasonable. If you would like to shop at a boutique that offers fashion from a creative perspective, edgy and classy girl style, RunWay Diva Boutique is the place for you.
RunWay Diva Boutique
2719 E. 56th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220


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