Lady In White!! Pre-Order This Dress!!

This white dress is special for many reasons! It looks wonderful, it is classy, it is only available in L - 4XL and can be worn in the summer, when you want to feel like a princess and be treated like one as well.

My personal style is one to wear as many long dresses as I do short ones, because there is a sexiness in being covered, as well.

Where you wear this dress, is just as important to pull off the overall royal, yet modern and youthful vibe. A dinner date, or maybe a weekend trip to Vegas would be a great locale. The black and white party on the Indianapolis Canal will do or if you are a socialite throw your own grecian-inspired theme party and book Notable Styles and More to help :-)

This dress can be pre-ordered from So Anxious Clothing (SAC) for $70. And you can find SAC here at this link. Won't you pre-order today? Thank me later.

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